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Southern California
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ANITA K BOOTH was raised in the city and became fascinated with birds at an early age. Sparrows, nesting on window sills of the apartment where she and her family lived, were watched and observed as they progressed from eggs to eventual fledglings.

Moving to Southern California and residing there for more than fifty years--fifteen of which in the richly ornithological San Bernardino Mountains and presently in the Coachella Valley--Anita continues with birding research, monitoring, and observation while expanding her range.

ANITA . . .
. . . has participated in Bald Eagle Counts & Surveys with the United States Forestry Department
. . . received a "Certificate of Appreciation for Significant Contribution of Service" as a volunteer with the National Forestry System
. . . participated in a survey for "Assessing Changes in the Distribution and Abundance of Burrowing Owls in California, 1993-2007" with M.A.P.S. / IBP -- (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship; Institute for Bird Populations)
. . . is an active member with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audubon Society, the Friends of the San Jacinto Valley Wildlife Area, the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, et al
. . . is an accredited Bird Biologist with Cornell University, Lab of Ornithology